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DeVry University
DeVry University is a higher education university which is spread out across 90 campuses and provides quality education in various fields and gives a huge number of courses at the undergraduate and master’s level. Its college of health sciences provides various medical courses and gives ultrasound technician training.

University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix is a Phoenix based higher education university that has its presence all over North America in the form of 200 plus campuses. It provides a number of master’s and bachelor’s degrees and it’s health sciences division ensures that it provides a sound medical base to your learning.

Kaplan University
Kaplan University has a traditional and non-traditional course structure, but it is popular everywhere for its online education courses. It provides good quality study materials and ensures through tests that your knowledge is well grounded. It provides both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a number of courses including medical sciences, which also includes training for ultrasound technicians.

Post University
Post University, Connecticut has popular classroom as well as online education courses. Its medical division is well founded and offers a number of courses at master’s and bachelor’s levels in training for various medical science divisions, including training for ultrasound technicians.

Fortis University focuses on a change oriented approach and arms students with all the necessary knowledge to do well in their respective fields. It has a medical science and nursing division, among other divisions, and they teach a number of courses in different medical fields, and that includes practical training such as that of ultrasound technicians.

Capella University
Capella University is an online education university, and it provides a huge number of courses in the online medium that you can avail at your place of residence. Its study material is well structured, and provides you education in a systematic way. It has courses for various fields such as medical sciences and nursing, including ultrasound technicians.

Penn Foster Career School
Penn Foster Career school is another school which emphasises on distance education, so that the people can learn conveniently. It has a well developed course curriculum and provides courses in different fields, including ones such as training for ultrasound technicians.

Virginia College
Virginia College offers various degrees both at the bachelor’s and master’s levels in different fields. Having its presence in South Eastern US, it provides both traditional as well as online education. It’s medical division is well developed and provides a number of courses, including training for future ultrasound technicians.

Ultimate Medical Academy
Ultimate Medical Academy is a popular name which specializes in medical education. It has a well established campus based and online based training for a variety of fields in various diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It focuses on medical education only, and offers a massive amount of courses including ultrasound technician training.


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